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Logistics Solutions

Mac Tonnel Logistics is your go-to partner for custom solutions that elevate your business. We offer a range of services, including freight brokerage, inbound freight management, international shipping, managed transportation, national accounts, outsourced transportation management, and an advanced transportation management system. With our tailored approach, we streamline your logistics operations, improve efficiency, and boost your business's performance. Choose Mac Tonnel Logistics for enhanced logistics solutions.

Freigt Brokerage Services

Access over thousands of carriers through one point of contact and focus more on your business.

Mac Tonnel Logistics' freight brokerage team offers valuable support during challenging scenarios and can serve as your primary transportation solution. Collaborating with a freight broker not only enhances client service but also optimizes cost-efficiency. In the face of the persistent driver shortage, a partnership with a freight broker becomes an essential resource, ensuring guaranteed capacity and load acquisition.

In a dynamic landscape where supply chains and the freight industry are constantly evolving, businesses often grapple with limited resources and time constraints. A freight broker from Mac Tonnel Logistics serves as your comprehensive destination for all your transportation needs and expertise.

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Freight Brokerage Services

National Account Services
Business Consultation

National Account Solutions

Join other Fortune 500 companies and work with a provider that understands complex supply chains.

Mac Tonnel Logistics is committed to collaborating closely with your business by offering a range of services designed to enhance your national transportation operations. We start by conducting on-site visits to your business location(s), ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs. We focus on building a robust carrier base in regions that pose transportation challenges, ensuring consistent service quality. Monthly communication and transparent reporting are central to our approach, providing you with real-time insights.

We meticulously analyze current lane volumes and modes to optimize your transportation strategy. Our expertise extends to managing various transportation types and arranging loads across all modes. As a bonus, we offer seamless integration of our proprietary TMS into your operations at no additional cost.

At Mac Tonnel Logistics, we aim to seamlessly integrate into your supply chain efforts, saving you time, money, and labor. Our goal is to become an invaluable piece of your logistics puzzle, delivering transportation solutions that meet your unique requirements and drive operational efficiency.

Transportation Managemnt Services

Our custom TMS makes freight management consistent, well-organized, and transparent.

Mac Tonnel Logistics offers tailored transportation solutions designed to optimize your operations. We specialize in mode, carrier, and lane selection for cost-effective transport and provide transparent fee communication, including tolls and accessorial charges. Our streamlined approach eliminates the need to expand your staff for freight handling and enables real-time risk management through data-driven decision support and automated rules. We simplify your financial processes with combined billing and invoicing while monitoring essential KPIs.


Our transport management system is designed to help businesses enhance customer satisfaction and profitability by automating freight management, seamlessly integrating with your systems, and adapting to your specific objectives, whether it's cost reduction, efficient load management, data integrity, automation, favorable freight rates, audits, trend analysis, or comprehensive financial reporting. Choose Mac Tonnel Logistics for a competitive edge in transportation management.

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Transportation Management Systems

Inbound Freight Management
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Inbound Freight Management

Take control of your inbound shipments and watch efficiency soar while reducing costs.

Effective inbound freight management is essential for cost control and increased visibility in shipping processes. Consider a mining, exploration, and refining industry client with multiple locations who previously relied on vendors for transportation. Mark-ups of 15% to 50% and limited visibility resulted in delayed deliveries and hidden costs. Mac Tonnel Logistics' inbound management services have transformed their logistics.

Our comprehensive inbound freight management services cover:

  • Inbound shipment planning for various modes.

  • Vendor compliance.

  • Carrier rate negotiation.

  • Safety, insurance, and performance monitoring.

  • Automated tendering and dispatch.

  • Dock scheduling.

  • Detailed tracking.

  • Expedited shipping.

  • Spot lane rate quotes.

  • Freight audit/payment.

  • Claims management.

  • Reporting solutions.

Let Mac Tonnel Logistics replicate this success story, optimizing your inbound logistics, reducing costs, and enhancing visibility in your shipping operations.

Whether you need to manage a single mode or an entire transportation network, we have a solution.

Elevate profitability with Mac Tonnel Logistics' transportation management services. We offer flexibility, allowing you to choose our level of involvement. Whether you need us to handle day-to-day operations or utilize our advanced TMS, it's your call. We provide customized solutions and seamless integration to streamline processes and monitor decisions.


Our expertise minimizes expenses, enhances cost structures, increases revenue, and reduces overall transportation spending. With internal logistics experts optimizing your supply chain, we empower you to navigate industry changes effectively through strategic advice, inbound MRO, and risk mitigation, thanks to our trusted relationships with over tens of thousands of carriers.


Choose Mac Tonnel Logistics for comprehensive, streamlined transportation solutions that boost profitability and efficiency.

Data Center

Managed Transportation Services 

Warehouse Shelves from Above

Outsourced Transportation management

Automate your transportation and logistics and prioritize your business.

Benefit from outsourced transportation and logistics management services with Mac Tonnel Logistics:

Efficiency: With our services, you gain more time to concentrate on your core competency while enjoying immediate cost savings, typically averaging 10-15 percent. We reduce system and resource costs while guaranteeing capacity, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently.

Expertise: We take the lead in developing your transportation strategy and implementing operational improvements through effective data reporting. Our team handles freight audit and payments, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Technology: You gain instant access and integration with our cutting-edge TMS, streamlining your operations and enhancing visibility.

Customization: Mac Tonnel Logistics assembles a dedicated team of logistics experts tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you receive personalized solutions to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Choose us for comprehensive, customized logistics and transportation management services.

Global solutions for global challenges. Ship your freight anywhere, on any mode.

Mac Tonnel Logistics offers international shipping services with nearly 30 years of industry expertise. As a prominent 3PL provider in North America, our company can significantly enhance your supply chain by facilitating international shipping of any complexity.

Exceptional Service: When you partner with us, you can concentrate on your business objectives while we take care of the entire process, from inception to conclusion. Mac Tonnel Logistics oversees transportation management, customs clearance, shipment tracking, and freight protection, ensuring a seamless and secure international shipping experience.

Customs Compliance: We collaborate closely with your customs broker or the consignee's broker to streamline the customs clearance process, promoting efficiency and speed. In instances where neither party has a customs broker, we can recommend one from our network of trusted specialists.

Insurance Protection: International shipping inherently carries greater complexities than domestic transport, with longer routes and multiple handling points increasing the risk of damage. Mac Tonnel Logistics offers comprehensive freight insurance, safeguarding your shipments. To ensure proper coverage, we only require information about the declared value of your freight. Choose us for peace of mind and reliable international shipping solutions.

We have the capacity to fill the gaps in your supply chain with our extensive carrier network and custom TMS that lets you stay on top of every load.

Container Ship

International Shipping

Managed Transportation Services
Outsourced Transportatio Management
International Shipping

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