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Transportation Modes

At Mac Tonnel logistics, we understand that transportation services require an integrated approach. We offer a comprehensive suite of logistics and freight forwarding services that suit your specific needs. Whether you need air, ocean, rail, truckload, LTL or any other transportation modes, our experienced team has you covered. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a reliable and flexible service to our clients, ensuring that their cargo is delivered on time and in the best possible condition.

Moving your truckload shipments and delivering results with our size and scale.

Truckload shipping is the primary mode of over-the-road trucking. It suggests transporting freight in quantities that fill an entire truck trailer. Depending on the shipment type, full truckload shipping has many modes and uses various trailer types, including:

  • Dry Van

  • Flatbed

  • Refrigerated

  • Specialized

  • Intermodal

  • Multimodal

  • Drayage

Usually, standard truckload trailers can haul up to 43,000 – 45,000 lbs and are recommended for shipments that weigh more than 15,000 lbs, or consist of more than 10 pallets.

Truckload shipping is the great option for shippers who have a large volume of freight, and need to ship long distances. In that case, full truckload is the best option in terms of costs, speed, and reliability.

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Truck Driving by Lake

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Mac Tonnels’ custom LTL freight services will drive value to your business.

LTL stands for less-than-truckload and is one of many shipping methods. When shipping LTL, you can send a small amount of freight in a cost-effective way.

Mac Tonnels’ LTL service team has decades of experience in LTL freight shipping and keeps up to date on any changes and trends in the industry. We are here to help you determine accurate freight classifications, gain visibility and control over your shipments, and create effective dock scheduling. We will develop solutions for you and take care of the details. Mac Tonnel will keep you updated on trends, classification changes, and general rate increases so you can stay focused on your core business functions.

Request a Freight Bill Analysis | Let Mac Tonnel analyze your transportation costs and find ways to save at no charge.

End to end rail logistics and rail freight transport solutions, providing you with a dependable and consistent way to move even the most complex freight.

Exploring Rail Freight Logistics Benefits:

Rail transportation offers a compelling solution for long-haul shipments, with notable advantages. Safety is paramount, thanks to infrastructure investments that reduce human involvement and eliminate highway congestion. Technology is rapidly advancing rail logistics, with innovations like automation and AI enhancing efficiency. Additionally, rail is environmentally friendly, efficiently handling large freight volumes over long distances with reduced carbon emissions."

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Rail & Freight Logistics

Rail & Freight
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Shipping Intermodal Freight Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated.

Mac Tonnel specializes in intermodal freight transportation, a method that combines various transportation modes such as rail, ocean, and trucking to efficiently transport goods from the shipper to their final destination. This process involves using containers or vehicles to transfer freight between modes without the need for extensive handling. Typically, shippers opt for intermodal transportation when transporting goods over long distances exceeding 500 miles. It is particularly suitable for intermediate and finished goods with a net weight below 42,500 lbs.

Our expertise extends to all forms of intermodal freight transportation, regardless of complexity. Whether you require dry, refrigerated/frozen, hazardous, tanker-endorsed, high-value, or specialized transportation, our extensive network of highly experienced IMC's (Intermodal Marketing Companies) is equipped to handle it all.

A full suite of global logistics services and technology solutions.

At Mac Tonnel, we emphasize the advantages of ocean freight as a cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and capacity-rich shipping solution. When it comes to affordability, ocean freight outshines air and trucking options, making it particularly suitable for meticulously planned shipments with longer lead times. In terms of environmental responsibility, sea shipping boasts significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to air freight, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Furthermore, ocean freight containers offer ample space, accommodating up to 26,500 kg per unit, making it an ideal choice for transporting substantial quantities of goods. With consistent capacity availability and the ability to plan for longer transit times, ocean freight remains a reliable and efficient transportation method for our valued clients.




Whether you need overnight shipping services or international air freight transportation, we can handle it with quality, speed, and responsibility.

At Mac Tonnel, we recognize the multiple advantages of air freight shipping. Safety is a paramount consideration, and air shipping offers secure transport, global reach, and minimal disruptions, making it an ideal choice for valuable items and important documents. Speed is another standout feature, with air freight delivering shipments from around the world in just 2 to 7 days, a notable contrast to the extended timelines of ocean shipping.


This swiftness is particularly crucial for retail, electronics, apparel, consumer goods, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, air freight is remarkably versatile, accommodating a wide range of commodities, including clothing, electronics, medical supplies, mining products, equipment, and seasonal items.


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